Seminar Series, autumn 2016:

30.9.2016 Art of Mathematics and Mathematics of Art Jaroslav Nešetřil, Charles University
5.10.2016 Law and Art Amy Goldrich, New York University
7.10.2016 Evolution and International Relations Bradley  A. Thayer, University of Iceland
25.11.2016 Identification, Reconstruction and Evaluation of Arguments Marek Picha, Masaryk University
2.12.2016 Languages in Education Eva Vetter, University of Vienna
9.12.2016 Behavioral Economics Cary A. Deck, University of Arkansas


The Seminar Series in Social Sciences and Humanities are organized by Faculties
of Masaryk University in order to bring together the multiplicity of disciplines the Social Sciences and Humanities offer. But not only the Social Sciences and Humanities. The very first lecture, given by professor of Mathematics, Jaroslav Nešetřil, dwells upon the link of mathematics and art or specifically the Art of Mathematics and Mathematics of Art.

In contrast to the art from the perspective of mathematician, Amy Goldrich, a lecturer from New York University and Art Attorney will give an insight into the Art and Law.

The other interdisciplinary topic that partially derives from law and will be presented and discussed is language. Prof. Eva Vetter from the University of Vienna will talk upon multilingualism and Languages in Education. An internal researcher, dr. Marek Picha will delve into Identification, Reconstruction and Evaluation of Arguments.

A host from Iceland, Bradley A. Thayer, a professor of Political Sciences will lecture on Evolution and International Relations. To conclude the first Seminar Series, Cary A Deck from University of Arkansas will indroduce the Bahavioral Economy.

The course is offered to all Ph.D. candidates at the Masaryk University, but the number of attendants is limited to 80. The lectures will take place at the Mendel Museum in Brno, in the Refectory of Augustinian Abbey (Mendlovo nám. 1a, Brno) https://mapy.cz/zakladni?x=16.5939296&y=49.1908447&z=17&source=firm&id=2157357

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