Jaroslav Nešetřil is a professor at Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. He is the director of Centre of Excellence ITI (a joint project of Charles University, Masaryk University and Westbohemian University as well as CAV). He published in most areas of mathematics and theoretical computer science and worked at leading mathematical institutions as well as industrial labs abroad (where he was awarded twice Dr.h.c.).

He collaborated with artists (J. Načeradský) as well as philosophers (H. Damisch, M. Petříček). As the only Czech mathematician he has been invited to lecture at International aswell as European Congress of Mathematicians.

Art of Mathematics and Mathematics of Art

date of the lecture: 30.9.2016

place: Mendelovo muzeum MU, Mendlovo nám. 1, Brno

time: 9:00 - 11:00

   Recording of Lecture of prof. Nešetřil

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