Seminar Series is a Pan-university studies course, (předmět v rámci Celouniverzitního studia - CST). You can register the course from the list of Pan-university studies courses .

The course code is:  CST:D02_p2017 Seminar Series in Social Sciences adn Humanities

Direct link to the registration:;obdobi=7044;dopln_fak=1490;dopln_kod=D02_p2017;dohledat=1

Requirements to pass the course: 80% attendance

Credits: 3 (z)

The course is offered to all Ph.D. candidates at the Masaryk University, but the number of attendants is limited to 80. The lectures will take place at the Mendel Museum in Brno, in the Refectory of Augustinian Abbey (Mendlovo nám. 1a, Brno) 

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