International Scientist Lectures at MUNI

Masaryk University invites to Brno renowned speakers from abroad to present and to discuss current issues, trends and challenges in science.

Choose from current lectures or take a look at the past lectures in the archive.

Current lectures

Specialized topics and lectures

Lectures are divided in three academic fields below. As part of this series, the most prestigious Life Science speakers have been invited to speak during Mendel Lectures, which are held in the Mendel Museum´s Augustinian Abbey Refectory at Mendel Square.

Look at the past lecture records

Some of the lecture records and photos are available in the lectures archive.

Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series

Lothar Höbelt

Austrian historian at University of Vienna

Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science Seminar Series

Dana Stewart Scott

Emeritus Hillman University Professor of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Mathematical Logic at Carnegie Mellon University

Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series

John Bullock

Associate Professor of Political Science and a Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University