Life Sciences Seminar Series

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Thursdays 4pm (Life Sciences Lectures) or 5pm (Mendel Lectures).


University Campus Bohunice, Building B11, Room 132 (Life Sciences Lectures) or Mendel Museum Augustinian Refectory at Mendel Square (Mendel Lectures).


Life Sciences Seminar Series is a prestigious seminar series at Masaryk University in the interconnected and complementary fields, collectively called "Life Sciences".

The seminar series is mainly focused on currently growing fields which combine modern methods of biophysics, computational modeling, imaging, biochemistry and molecular biology with "more classical" disciplines such as microbiology, cell biology, physiology, genetics, toxicology, developmental and evolutionary biology and medicine.

The purpose of the seminar series is to:

  • invite to Brno renowned speakers from abroad to establish and develop professional contacts,
  • create a seminar series of excellence, which will inspire and motivate both scientists and students at MU, and finally,
  • promote mutual contacts and interaction between individual labs/departments working at University Campus Bohunice
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This seminar series includes the Mendel Lectures.

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