Deciphering Speciation Processes while Disentangling the Diversity, Endemism, and Geography of Southeast Asian Small Mammals

  • 4. dubna 2024

Lecture will be held in English


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Adam Konečný

About the lecture

Deciphering speciation processes while disentangling the diversity, endemism, and geography of Southeast Asian small mammals

Small mammal faunas in the island archipelagos of Southeast Asia are remarkably rich, but remain poorly documented. My research contributes to our basic understanding of diversity by inventorying mammals in a variety of habitats, inferring phylogenetic relationships, and completing taxonomic revisions. The degree of isolation engendered in the history of islands has spurred small adaptive radiations in some cases, but speciation has also occurred on even the most connected islands. Within islands, elevational gradients produce stark habitat transitions on a small spacial scale. This habitat turnover facilitates the occurrence of species-rich faunas on individual mountains and offers a plausible substrate for generating speciation at a small spatial scale.

Registration for lunch with the speaker /for Ph.D. students/

The sponsored lunch usually takes place in the Campus River restaurant. Please meet the speaker and other students at 12:45 at the reception desk at the main entrance (building B22, see the map below).


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