Probing the Dynamics and Interactions of Disordered Proteins with Single-molecule Spectroscopy: From Disordered Complexes to Phase Separation

  • 2. května 2024

Lecture will be held in English


Hosted by

Lukáš Žídek

About the lecture

The functions of proteins have traditionally been linked to their folded structures, but many proteins perform essential functions without being folded. Quantifying the highly dynamic and conformationally diverse ensembles of these intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) and their interaction mechanisms is an important aspect of understanding their functions. I will focus on highly charged IDPs and illustrate how single-molecule spectroscopy combined with simulations and other methods can be used to probe their dynamics, interactions, and phase separation.

Registration for lunch with the speaker /for Ph.D. students/

The sponsored lunch usually takes place in the Campus River restaurant. Please meet the speaker and other students at 12:45 at the reception desk at the main entrance (building B22, see the map below).


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