Axel Mayer: Genomics of Adaptations and Speciation in the Repeated Adaptive Radiations of Cichlid Fishes

13. 4. 2017, University Campus Bohunice

About the lecture


Prof. Axel Meyer

University of Konstanz, Germany

  • We study several fundamental issues in evolutionary biology. In particular, the evolution of biodiversity, and specifically the genesis of genomic, developmental and morphological diversity as well as their evolutionary interconnections, are of interest to us. To this end we study: morphological differentiation and its developmental basis within a phylogenetic framework, genetic differentiation among populations and species, and the evolution of genes and genomes, and the evolution of novel gene functions. In an effort to better understand the origin and maintenance of diversity we mostly use molecular and bioinformatic approaches, to ask how many and what kind of genetic changes accompany morphological differentiation among populations and species.
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