Magda Konarska: Forty Years of Pre-mRNA Splicing: Spliceosome Function in the Age of Cryo-EM Structures

9. 11. 2017, University Campus Bohunice

About the lecture

In the forty years since the discovery of mRNA splicing, extensive research in the areas of biochemistry and genetics generated a basic description of the fundamental mechanisms of splicing and components of the spliceosome, the enzyme responsible for its catalysis.  Recently, our understanding of the spliceosome structure was radically expanded by the publication of cryo-EM structures of several forms of this complex (the Nagai, Shi, and Lührmann labs).  However, a number of important questions regarding the spliceosome function remain unresolved. Using the still cryo-EM images as illustrations, I will discuss the dynamic rearrangements of the spliceosome, impacting function of its catalytic center.

Prof. Magda Konarska

Center for New Technologies, Warsaw University, Poland

  • The work in my lab is interested in the biological functions of RNA; we will use the spliceosome as a model, focusing on the study of molecular mechanisms that govern pre-mRNA splicing. Our goal is to understand the complex set of substrate-spliceosome interactions during assembly and catalysis that affect positioning of the reactive groups at the active site.
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