Small RNAs in the Mammalian Germline: a Lesson from Hamsters

  • 25 March 2021
    4:00 PM


Prof. Mgr. Petr Svoboda, Ph. D.

Professor at Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS, Czech Republic; Groupleader of Laboratory of Epigenetic Regulations

"We study the mechanisms governing gene expression during mammalian oocyte-toembryo transition (OET). OET is an orchestrated process where a highly specialized cell – the oocyte – is transformed into cells that are able to give rise to a new organism. This transformation is accompanied by extensive reprogramming of gene expression, which includes extensive post-transcriptional control of maternal mRNAs. Maternal mRNAs that are no longer needed are eliminated, while mRNAs whose products are needed for zygotic genome activation (ZGA) are maintained and translated. Our recent research focused on induction of selective mRNA degradation during resumption of meiosis, fertilization, and zygotic genome activation. Our current work aims at understanding the evolving role of small RNAs during OET."

See more information at Prof. Svoboda´s research group website.

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